Your HDB Has Reached Its MOP?

What's Next?

What Is The Best Way Forward?


There are several options that can maximise your profits!



Should I Sell My HDB Flat?

Emotional or Objective?

First and foremost, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. And there is definitely not just one hard and fast way when it comes to this.

It boils down to your objectives in the short, mid or long-term. And either higher preference to personal-driven factors or financially-motivated reasons.

And this is where Real Estate Advisors will come in – to assist and complement your decision making process so that you realise optimum objectives with latest data and trends. We have the tools to assist you towards making highly precise and accurate analysis.

"My Friend/Uncle/Aunty/Cousin/Son/Cat/Etc All Upgraded And Made Money/Made No Money!"

These are very common occurrences. Meet up with friends or relatives, and you will hear such stories.

The friend might have said it is the best move to make to reach that pot of gold, whereas the relative might say it is the worst decision they made.

Question is – who to believe?

My answer would be – believe in your own situation.

Hearsay is sometimes good. But the most assuring is to find out yourself.

Everyone would love to upgrade but...

Agree or not, most people would like to upgrade their property at some point of their lives.


Better lifestyle, growing family size and for investment could be of some the motivating factors.


But as much as we would like to, upgrading is not for everyone.


Most people would love the idea of upgrading, but not everyone has adequate means to do so.

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Can I make money?

As much as we would like to give a straight forward answer, it is not.

Here are some reasons why.

Outstanding Home Loan

The sum which is deducted from your sales proceeds

Next Home Payment

Besides the downpayment, there are also other potential costs such as resale levy or COV

Next Home Renovation

Costs of renovating your next home

Agent Commission

Expect to be paying up to 2% of the sales price

Refund Your CPF Ordinary Account

Some of the considerations are downpayment, accrued interest on downpayment stamp duty and other charges paid for with your CPF, accrued interest on stamp duty and other charges, monthly loan repayment, accrued interest on monthly loan repayment CPF Housing Grant and accrued interest on CPF Housing Grant

Prevent unnecessary situations

There are few factors and considerations which need to be  understood before you sell off your HDB flat. 

Understanding these is crucial to mitigate unnecessary  situations.


So what are the options to help me decide

These are a few options which you could consider.

Stay At Current

Remain in the current flat; but advisable to check the degree of depreciation of your property value

Sell HDB, Buy Private Property

Need to consider taxes and temporary accommodations

sell HDB, buy 2 Private Properties

This option needs some financial capital and proper planning and calculations.

Buy Private Property,
Rent HDB

If you have strong financial capital, this can be considered

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What are my options if i am keen to upgrade?

In the case that you know you are able to upgrade, these are some of your options.

Upgrade To Bigger HDB

May be the most cost-effective move but not necessarily upgrade the lifestyle as compared to others

upgrade to a Resale

Among the benefits are: closer to full privatisation, don’t need to dispose of your existing flat, no MOP, no CPF Housing Grant

Upgrade to a new

Recommended as top of priority list before looking at other private properties, enjoy government grants and typically lower selling prices

Upgrade To A Resale Condo

Allows you to inspect unit before making purchase, almost immediate move-in, typically larger, room for price negotiation

Upgrade to a new condo

Comes with a whole host of discounts from the developers, like vouchers, early bird discounts, and even stamp duty reimbursements

upgrade to a Landed

Pinnacle of property asset, large size, prestigious living


families that had Successfully upgraded

These are some who have successfully upgraded after selling their HDB.

NEW Launch Condo
Upgraded To 3-Bedder New Launch Condo

Cash earnings after selling HDB: $100k
Clients: Late 40s 
Resale Condo
Upgraded To 3-Bedder Resale Condo

Cash earnings after selling HDB: $150k
Clients: Early 30s 
NEW Launch Condo
Upgraded To 2-Bedder New Condo

Cash earnings after selling HDB: $180k​
Clients: Mid 30s 
Resale Condo
Upgraded To 2-Bedder Resale Condo

Cash earnings after selling HDB: $120k​
Clients: Early 30s 
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Explore New Condo Launch Options ?

New condominiums provide a fresh window of lifestyle opportunity 
as well as potential-profit asset.

Check them out below

Explore New Condo Options ?

New condominiums provide a fresh window of lifestyle opportunity as well as a go-to potential-profit asset.

Check out This New Condo Launch Options

New condominiums provide a fresh window of lifestyle opportunity as well as potential-profit asset.

Tembusu Grand (East Coast/Marine Parade) District: 15

Blossoms By The Park (Buona Vista/West Coast/Clementi New Town ) District: 5

Verdale (Clementi Park / Upper Bukit Timah) District: 21


Martin Modern (Orchard / Cairnhill / River Valley) District: 9


Haus on Handy (Orchard / Cairnhill / River Valley) District: 9


Florence Residences (Kovan/Hougang) District:19


Normanton Park (Buona Vista / West Coast) District: 5


The Jovell (Pasir Ris) District: 17


Want to explore something else?

maybe these New Executive Condo might appeal you

New EC gives you the the best of both HDB and Condo living.
Lower priced than new condo and potential profit asset within a few years.

Ola (Serangoon Garden / Hougang / Punggol ) District: 19


Parc Central Residence (Tampines / Pasir Ris) District: 18


Parc Greenwich (Seletar ) District: 28


Provence Residence (Yishun / Sembawang) District: 27


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